Kindergartners, On Their Way!

by Tiffany


Every year there is a new group of children at our school-the kindergartners. Did you know that there are 82 new kindergartners in Guggenheim School this year? On September 8th, all 82 of them made their way to their first elementary school. It was a big and exciting day, but a little scary for them, too-and this reporter knows that from experience. There are four teachers for this grade: Mrs. Ajello, Mrs. O'Donnell, Mrs. Werter, and Ms. Dengler. Can you believe that there are four teachers for 82 boys and girls!

This reporter asked a few kindergartners from Mrs. Werter’s class which school activity was the most fun, and this is what they answered: Daniel said, “playing on the computer.” Kathryn replied, “playing outside,’’ while Evan said, “playing with his friends.” According to these comments, kindergarten is a very exciting and fun-filled grade.

This reporter remembers when she was in kindergarten and about 20 of us had Miss Mancini as their kindergarten teacher. She moved to first and then to fourth grade and now she is teaching in Virginia.

This reporter surveyed Mrs. O’Donnell’s class on what their favorite book was. Their choices were, in order of popularity, Teletubbies, Star Wars, Dr. Seuss books, Arthur, Clifford, and finally, Mazy the Mouse.

Teletubbies is a popular t.v. show and a favorite book. The characters are especially loved by both young and old children. If you want to know and learn why Teletubbies are so famous, you will find a review elsewhere in this newspaper. And, just like the books the kindergartners like, this article has got to end!


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