Life in Ireland

by Chesleigh

graphic by Kathryn P.


I went to school in Ireland last year, and I want to tell you about some of the differences between there and here. Ireland is a lot smaller then here and so is the school in Ireland. When I went to school in Ireland, the school had only 8 rooms. We didn’t have math tests but we did have spelling tests. School started later than at Guggenheim. It started at nine thirty. We had to wear slippers on our feet because there was a lot of grass and it rained a lot so there was a lot of mud and the class would get all muddy. All the teachers had to teach two classes. I know it sounds hard but it wasn't at all, because when one class was working, the teacher taught the other class.

We didn’t have any after school programs or dancing. We didn’t even have a school newspaper.

One day it was very windy and two little girls were blown off their feet and went up in the air! The two girls were lucky because the two teachers that were minding us outside caught them before they went heads over heels. That never happened at Guggenheim!

We had a party at the end of the year. The parties weren't any way different from Guggenheim. All of the teachers' names were Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Feteir, Mrs. Berk, and Mr. Morony. My last teacher was Mrs. Feteir. Mrs. Feteir was nice and didn't have any children of her own. She was a new teacher. The teacher before her was Mrs. Dowling though I never met her. Mrs. Feteir and Mrs. Dowling had both been teaching first grade and second grade. Mr. Morony is a fourth grade and fifth grade teacher. I had never been in his class because I moved back to the U.S.A. From what I have heard he was mean. One day my friend Shane got smacked by Mr. Morony. I know none of the teachers here would be like that!

I feel fine going to Guggenheim this year, only I miss Ireland, too. It was very hard to move to Ireland and move here for the second time. I wish Ireland and the U.S. were stuck together, then I wouldn't have to go back and forth every time I would go to Ireland and come back here.


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