Must We Sing?
graphic by Katie


For all fourth and fifth graders, chorus is now mandatory. I think that it should still be optional. The reason is that it became a School District policy. A lot of people don’t want to sing in the chorus. I would rather not be in chorus so I’m sad that it is now mandatory. I don’t like singing that much. I think I could use the time for other things like my work that I don’t get to finish. The chorus a lot bigger than last year. I don’t really know if that is better. A lot us don’t fully know the songs so a lot of us don’t sing that much.

On the other hand, some people might feel that it is better. People might think that the sound of the chorus is more full. We only put in forty-five minutes each week, and we get a concert at the end of the season in front of the whole school, plus once for the parents. A few people could think the songs we sing are catchy.

Here are a few quotes from some fourth and fifth graders. Phillip, fifth grade, said, “I dislike it. I think it shouldn't be mandatory.” Jana, fourth grade, said, “I don’t really want to be in chorus.” Henry, fifth grade, said, “I wish it was still optional because I didn’t want to go.” This editor thinks it’s a little too crowded with 95 kids at the rehearsal each week.

Editorial Staff

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