Kids as Principals?
by Katie

On December 2, 1997, a new principal answered telephones and checked classrooms at Guggenheim School. He was six years old! How can this be? He was Jonathan from Mrs. Werter’s kindergarten class and he, along with other children, was Principal for the Day.

Ms. Creash, our REAL principal, said that if the students at Guggenheim earned at least 1,000 fish for being polite during the two week manners campaign, a student from each grade would get to be Principal for a Day. This reporter talked with Jonathan and the other people who were chosen as principals: Perri in 1st grade, Nicholas in 2nd grade, Emily in 3rd grade, Rebecca in 4th grade, and Brian in 5th grade. Jonathan, who earned three fish for good manners, was principal for 15 minutes. He said it was fine, but he was a little bit nervous. He spoke on the telephone and checked the classrooms. Perri, who also earned three fish, was principal for 30 minutes. She said it was good and she wasn't nervous. She answered phones and checked classrooms. Nicholas was principal for 30 minutes. He said it was fun, except he was nervous. He answered phones, helped teachers, and checked classes. Emily, who earned four fish, was principal for 30 minutes. She said it was a good experience, but she was a little nervous. She solved problems, answered phones, and visited classes. Rebecca, who also earned four fish, was principal for thirty minutes. She said the experience was great and she liked how the teachers told her to go out with a smile. As principal, she answered the phone, helped the custodian, and answered questions from teachers. Brian, who earned three fish, was principal for thirty minutes. His experience was good and he was not nervous. He visited classrooms and checked the lunch room.

Jonathan, Nicholas, and Rebecca would like to be principals when they grow up. Perri, Emily, and Brian think it’s not in their future.

With these young principals as models, mind your manners and who knows where you’ll wind up!

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