Art and Soul
by Marie

Did you know that Mrs. Thomas and her class met an artist? Here's the story. Mrs. Thomas and her class read in a newspaper about an artist named Alan Jackson who is quite the skilled artist. After Mrs. Thomas' class read about him they thought about writing to him to ask if he could come to the class as a guest speaker. Since he lived in Port Washington, they thought he might be able to come. And as they hoped, he wrote back to say he would come- and their plan was a success.

A month or two later he came in. And you would be surprised as to what he had to say. Do you know that most of his life he liked art and probably always wanted to be an artist? But he really only started painting in 1990. Many artists work in art studios but Alan did not work in an art studio at all. Not only did he work at home but he taught himself how to paint. As a child he had so many favorite artists he couldn’t even name them all. Here's another question asked a lot. How do know what you want to paint? Well, it seems it depends on the day. If it’s a cold, dark dreary day he may paint something with pain and sorrow. But on a happy day he may paint something cheerful. He's also not interested in just one thing; he draws all different things. He can also draw a picture out of anything, even just a scribble- he can make it into an animal or a plant. Like I said, and as Mrs. Thomas’ class found out, he is quite the skilled and amazing artist!


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