By Nicki L. and Kimberly S., Editors

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Guggi: “I’m getting lonely. I want a friend. I am so bored. I’m so lonely and no one understands that I actually have a life outside of Guggenheim School!”

Kimberly and Nicki: “We understand, Guggi. You have been our school mascot for a very long time and we think you need a friend. But we have 1 question... what kind of friend would you like?”

Guggi: “I would like a friend who likes baseball, basketball, and hotdogs. I’m getting bored at the top of the newspaper even though I have a smile on my face. People don’t understand my life! I HAVE a life!! Why don’t people understand?! I want a friend!”

Nicki and Kimberly: “Okay, Guggi, calm down. We are just trying to help you. We understand. It’s okay. We are working on a friend for you.”

Guggi: “How are you working on a friend?! It’s not like a friend can just appear out of nowhere. Everyone thinks that I’m just a decoration! I don’t want to be a decoration! I want to have a life! Help me!”


Help us get a friend for Guggi! Quick!!!


To create a friend for Guggi please go on a class computer or one of the computer lab computers. On every computer in the school, there will be a place to create him/ her called “Create A Friend For Guggi.” It will be on the computer desktop. Draw a friend using the computer. Be creative! Save it-we must have your name on it. Your friend should be unique. Make sure to save your friend as your name.class (example: Nicki L. D’Arpino) in 04/05 Shared/ Newspaper/ Volume 9 Issue 1/ Friend for Guggi.

We can’t wait for your friends!! Please create your computer friends for Guggi by January 25.

We thank you. and Guggi thanks you!


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