Mystery People

By Sahil D. and Genevieve B.

Web Design by Kevin R.

Digital Images scanned by Matthew C. and Emily B.


Do you think you know all of Guggenheim’s staff? If you think you do, then do this challenge and you will see if you really know everyone! There will be five sets of clues to help you figure out who each person is. For this year’s last issue we will be adding a new twist! Instead of having baby pictures, or faces shadowed out, we will have teenager pictures to help give you clues. After you figure out the answers, check them.

Mystery Person #1
Mystery Person #2
Mystery Person #3
Mystery Person #4
Mystery Person #5

Mystery Person #1:

-Works with all grades

-Favorite restaurant is La Piccolo Liguria

-Favorite movie is Remember the Titans

-Favorite hobby is hiking and reading but not at the same time!

-Favorite sport is to watch and play is tennis


Mystery Person #2:

-Works with the fifth grade

-Favorite restaurant is Burger King

-Favorite movie is Finding Nemo

-Favorite hobby is soccer

-Favorite sport is soccer


Mystery Person #3:

-Works with kindergarten

-Favorite restaurant is Bryant & Cooper

-Favorite movie is Chicago

-Favorite hobbies are painting and reading

-Favorite sport to watch is baseball and to play is tennis


Mystery Person #4:

-Works with first grade

-Favorite restaurant is Mama Teresa’s

-Favorite movie is Grease

-Favorite hobby is dancing

-Favorite sport is basketball


Mystery Person #5:

-Works with fourth grade

-Favorite restaurant is Green Cactus

-Favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark

-Favorite hobby is skateboarding

-Favorite sport is basketball

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