Where is Flat Stanley?

by Matthew C.

Web design by Rachel C.

Graphic by James E.

As you may know, Mrs. Goldstein’s class is doing Flat Stanley. After talking to students in the class, Justin and Lael, this reporter knew everything about Flat Stanley.

The story begins when a bulletin board falls on Stanley Lambchop during the night. Now he is flattened for life. Being flat changes his life forever. He gets mailed and sent all around the world.

Mrs. Goldstein’s class has done the same by making Flat Stanley and sending him to friends or family. When he was at different places, Flat Stanley had to have a picture and a paragraph of where he had gone, then he was sent back to where he had came from.

After speaking to Mrs. Goldstein, she says she thinks the kids have learned a lot about the world.

The kids were very happy when the project was done. While I was there I found out what the kids liked best. Most of the kids liked sending Flat Stanley and getting him back, some liked making him, and some could not decide, so they liked everything.

At the beginning of this project the kids knew nothing about Flat Stanley and afterwards they knew every little detail about Flat Stanley’s life.

I think the kids learned more than a story. I think they learned about friendship, too.


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