Bon Voyage, Ms. Creash

By Midori E.

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Ms. Creash, our principal, is retiring after working at Guggenheim for a long time. We’re sad Ms. Creash is going to retire, but we are happy that she got to have a great time before her retirement.

When Ms. Creash was a child, she wanted to be a teacher. She still remembers when she was little, she used to make her younger brother play “school” with her and he hated it!

When Ms. Creash was a teacher she was very excited. She was just out of college and she hoped she would know what to do! Ms. Creash was a teacher before she was a principal and decided to change from a teacher to a principal because she wanted to help other teachers in their classrooms and it was hard to do while she was teaching. Ms. Creash was also a principal in Whitestone and Queens near the Throgs Neck Bridge.

On the first day she became the principal at Guggenheim, she was VERY nervous. She didn’t know anyone and she hoped that the teachers, children, and parents would like her. She guessed it’s kind of like when a boy or girl starts in a new school.

I asked her how many years she has been a teacher and a principal and she said she has been a teacher for 17 years and a principal for 14 years. She has taught grades 3-6 in Flushing and Queens. She wishes she had taught ALL the grades.

Ms. Creash enjoyed a lot of events at Guggenheim. She has too many interesting events to mention all of them. “I did like the book fairs, field days, Ladies Night Out and, of course, the Halloween parade!” she said.

What Ms. Creash likes about kids most is their honesty and their ability to express their emotions, both happy and sad. And she loves their faces!

Ms. Creash says, “My goal was that I wanted Guggenheim to be a school where people liked to be every day. I wanted teachers to like working together and sharing ideas and I think I accomplished my goal.”

Ms. Creash said she is happy and sad at the same time. She is happy because she is looking forward to having time to do lots of new things. But she is sad because she is going to miss the children and the teachers at Guggenheim. She is planning to do some traveling and also to perhaps work part-time doing something different. I asked her, “What are you going to miss about Guggenheim?” and her response was, “I’m going to miss the people here-big and little! Many of the teachers have become friends over the years and I’ll miss seeing them everyday.”

Ms. Creash wanted to tell the whole school, “I want to thank everyone at Guggenheim for making me the luckiest principal in the world. I couldn't think of a nicer, friendlier place to be. I will miss all of my friends but I know that the next principal will be a wonderful person who will continue to help the children and teachers. I wish everyone good luck always!”

Thank you, Ms. Creash, for letting the whole school have a great year. Wherever you go, don’t forget that we will never forget you! Bon voyage, Ms. Creash.


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