Spring Tunes

by Robert W.

Digital Images by Hayley K.

Web version by Diana A.

Ms. Field conducting the Orchestra
Mr. Feingold conducting the Band
4th Grade Chorus
5th Grade Chorus

The Spring Concert was amazing. First, I’m going to talk about the band with Mr. Feingold. Second, I’m going to tell you about the chorus with Ms. McFadden. Finally, I’m going to talk about the orchestra with Ms. Field.

I interviewed Mr. Feingold and asked him a couple of questions. First, I asked him if he thought that all the students are doing fine on the band songs or should they improve. He thought that they will improve and that they’re doing fine. I also asked him if he had a bigger spring band last year than this year. He said that they’re about the same. The three songs that the band did were: Cadets on Parade, March Slav, and Bourbon Street Barbecue.

I asked Ms. McFadden two questions. The first one I asked her who did the solo for the fourth grade song, Something to Sing About. She replied that Allison P. is the soloist for the fourth grade. Then, I asked Ms. McFadden if she thought that everyone cooperated. For example, if everyone is going to wear the proper clothes and come on time. She said, “for the most part, yes. Everyone did their best.’’

I interviewed Mrs. Field. I asked her what she thought of the spring concert. She said that this was a very exciting concert. The band, orchestra, and chorus worked very hard together. The fifth grade did a song that Mr. Fish wrote and Mrs. Field wrote the lyrics to. Ms. McFadden helped write a special descant choral line as well as parts for strings. Mrs. Fields’ personal favorite song was the Fisherman’s Horn Pipe played from memory by the fifth grade string players. As a special treat, two flutes joined the orchestra.

And the concert, as all of you know, was amazing because everyone did do their best and their best was great!


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