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Mrs. Katz at Caumsett Park in a shelter that group made.
Also in Caumsett Park at the shore, kids looking for sea shells.


Chuga chuga...chuga chuga Choo Choo. All aboard the train of fun! The 5th graders had a lot of fun this spring. They went on six spring trips. The 5th graders went to Caumsett State Park, the Weber Orientation, Funday, (also at Weber) the Nassau County Museum of Art, the “Dolphin” boat trip and to top it all off, the trip to New York City!

We went to Caumsett State Park on April 15. Here we learned about sea life as part of an Oceanology unit in science. We walked along the beach and found some pretty cool and weird stuff. Some cool seashells and a crab shell were found and also a dead raccoon and bird. One group even found a leaf fossil!

At the Weber Orientation on May 14, the fifth graders were paired up with a sixth grader and learned all about Weber. They went to all of the sixth grader’s classes and then had lunch with them. It was tons of fun.

The 5th grade Funday at Weber on May 27 was fun just like it was expected to be. There were games, rides, and food.

At the Nassau County Museum of Art on June 2 & 3, the fifth graders looked at a European Art Exhibit.

For the “Dolphin” boat trip on June 7 & 9, the fifth graders went on a boat trip and looked for dolphins and did hands-on experiments in Oceanology.

On June 16, New York City is where we went. Here the 5th graders went backstage at Madison Square Garden. Lunch was served there. Then the fifth graders saw Wicked on Broadway. Wicked is the prequel (means it came before) to the Wizard of Oz. The 5th graders also had dinner at Planet Hollywood. They also went to Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum after dinner and came back really late at night. They were able to ride the glass elevator over the city in the dark. We took the train to New York City and from New York City to Port Washington.

In conclusion, the fifth graders had A LOT of fun on their field trips in the spring and they hope that the fourth graders that go on these trips next year also enjoy it!

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