Around the World with Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan’s Classes

by Alyssa K.

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Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan's classes performing in their play.

We’re going to take off on an imaginary plane! Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan’s classes did a play called "Communities Around the World." They chose this topic because it is the 3rd grade social studies curriculum they study in class. Come on and I’ll tell you more about it!

Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan combined their classes and wrote the production. The play was arranged so in the beginning, they sang, It’s a Small World and after that they sang Like Me and You. Then a small group for North America went and they sang This Land is Your Land. Next was South America and the group that did a Brazilian dance. Following the South American group, there was an Australian group who sang Waltzing Matilda. Then came Africa and the kids who did an African Dance. After that was Antarctica. Finally, there was Asia where they sang Chinese New Year. The last was Europe, where students did Irish Step Dancing. To finish it off, they sang We Are The World. When they were singing We Are The World, there was a screen with pictures of them and at the end, there was a picture of Brittany Barron and it said the play was dedicated to Brittany Barron and her family.

Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan thought since it was the first time they were doing a performance, they wanted to keep it small. But it was great! To come up with the idea for the play, the teachers jointly discussed a way for the children to share their knowledge of different cultures around the world.

When I asked them if there was anything else that they would like to include in the article, they said, “We’re happy to add that our 2 classes have become more united in our small community at Guggenheim as a result of the show.” Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Grennan also said, “We would like to thank the following people. Without them the show wouldn’t have been such a great success: Mrs. Zorkas, Mrs. Tiberia, Ms. Feldman, Ms. Gramer, Mrs. Hubbard, The Music Department, Mrs. Garofalo, the Families, and the Administration.”

In conclusion, the play was a great success and if you saw it then you know what I mean when I say that!


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