Jessica’s Memories

By Jessica Y.

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After all my years at Guggenheim, I couldn’t be happier. Now that my last couple of days are coming, my happy days are over. From kindergarten to 5th grade all of my teachers have helped me along the way.

Fifth grade has been a blast! I enjoyed every minute of everything we did. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was being in Mrs. Katz’s class. In Mrs. Katz’s we had a cooking session for a math lesson on measurement. It was so much fun! Two groups did smoothies, another group did Rocky Road cookies, and the last group made granola.

In first and second grade, I had Ms. Ross. Those were great years. We made books about memories we remember. I did my book about my brother, my favorite thing, and me. We had a couple of pets in first grade. In first grade we had two hamsters. Our first hamster’s name was Fluffy. About half of the school year went by. She had died. So we got a new hamster. His name was Tiny. He used to climb up his cage, get up to the top, and then he would fall. I believe that after about a week or a week and a half he died.

In 3rd grade I had Mrs. Hart. I thought 3rd grade was a great grade and I had so much fun with my friends. I thought that 3rd grade went by the fastest.

When I was in 4th grade, I had Mrs. Betsch. She was a nice teacher and I enjoyed the year with her.

Over all the years I thought all the grades were the best. The classes I have been in were so great I can’t describe them! After all my years at Guggenheim, I know that I will never go to a better school in my life!


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