Super S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E

By Nick Capozzi and Emily Browning

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graphic design by Ricki S.

Imagine one of your classmates being in a Scrabble Tournament. Not just any Scrabble Tournament...the Newsday Scrabble Tournament! All the fifth grade kids in Lunch Time Scrabble want to be those one of those two kids. Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Drucker are having a Lunch Time Scrabble Group on Wednesdays during recess to help kids improve their game. Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Drucker set game boards out on tables and let everyone play in teams of 2. Every week they add up the scores and the 2 kids with the highest scores when the training ends go to the tournament on March 22.

These reporters are in the Lunch Time Scrabble Group and are having a great time. Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Drucker give great tips to help you get better. Like, don’t use the letter “s” unless it will get you eight or more points and you can use some words you wouldn’t think of, like “Nick” because it is a word as well as a name. For example, “I got nicked by that knife.” Mrs. Katz said the game is be easier if you memorize all the letter point values and memorize the two and three letter words.

 There are 24 kids in the group, which makes it easy to play in pairs. In Scrabble sometimes you get the perfect word and sometimes you get the worst! The kids that are in Lunch Time Scrabble all knew how to play Scrabble before they came. Mrs. Drucker’s favorite part about Scrabble is that it’s like a word puzzle and she loves when you find where the perfect word fits on the board. One thing these reporters like about Scrabble is that when you use all your letters you get a 50 point bonus!

Each week you have to play someone you haven’t played with or against. For more points, you want to put a word on double word, triple word, double letter, and triple letter. There are some words you wouldn’t even think of that are words, like qua or adze. The kids in Lunch Time Scrabble learn new vocabulary, too!

Everyone wants to continue Lunch Time Scrabble, even after the tournament. All the fifth graders in Lunch Time Scrabble got a packet with advice and good words. Let’s give thanks to Mrs. Katz and Mrs. Drucker for starting Lunch Time Scrabble!

Four fifth graders had one final game to determine who goes to the tournament. The other two will be alternates. The two winners are Doug H. and Jordan S.; the two alternates are Sahil D. and Emily B.

Now you know some new tips about Scrabble and about the tournament!

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