Locks of Love

By Genevieve B. and Jessie Y.

Web design by Kirsten P.

Digital Image by Midori E. and Hayley K.

What second grader did something special that no second grader from Guggenheim has ever done before? Grace S. in Ms. Ross’ class cut and donated 13 inches of her hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a program where you donate your hair to children who have Alopecia Areata and lost their hair. When the program receives some hair, they turn it into a wig for children under the age of 18. If you donate hair, you have your picture on Locks of Love’s website. You have to cut at least 11 inches of your hair to donate it!

Grace heard about Locks of Love from her parents. Grace donated her hair after growing it for two years. What a long time! Grace cut her hair at Diane’s Place. It was her idea to cut her hair. When it was done, she liked her new hairdo and was glad she cut it.

If you are interested in cutting your hair, speak to your parents about it first then go to www.locksoflove.org and find out more about giving a special gift to someone who needs it.

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