Marvelous Music!

By Sahil D.

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4th grade chorus sings
Mr. Feingold conducting the band
Ms. Menkes' class singing Shalom
The orchestra playing

Everyone knows we have very talented kids in the whole school, but this year the fourth and fifth graders put on an especially wonderful Winter Concert on January 13 and 14th. The parents, kids, and teachers all enjoyed the concert performances and everyone was applauding after every song. This year we had a new addition: Ms. Menkes' kindergarten class sang ”Shalom.” That was a great beginning to the concert!

This reporter asked Mr. Feingold, and he said he “loved the whole concert.” The reporter also asked him if he liked the kindergarten part and he said “that was my idea.” He knew that all the parents enjoyed it. His favorite song in the band was Home on the Range. For the next concert, in the spring, he said the band will be much bigger because of all the fourth graders and fifth graders getting into band.

Ms. McFadden said she was very excited about the concert because she knew the fifth and fourth graders were very advanced. After the concert she thought had been wonderful. Her favorite song for the fourth grade was What are Grins For, and for the fifth graders, Simple Gifts, and Happy New Year. She thinks all the hard work of the kids was good because without that the concert wouldn’t have been that great. She said that in the Spring Concert she would like more instruments to accompany the chorus while they are singing. That would make the songs sound even better and more interesting. She also liked the kindergarten part; she thought it was great.

Mrs. Field thought the concert music was amazingly well prepared. “We have a large number of very hard working musicians.” Her favorite song was America because the fifth graders had to memorize it, and as a result it was played the most musically. She thinks the hard work of the kids made the concert phenomenal. Mrs. Field is always looking for ways to get the string players to have a deeper musical experience. She loved the kindergarten singing because it was different than any other year.

As you can see, everybody thought it was a wonderful concert: parents, kids, and teachers. If you enjoyed this concert, wait for the next one. It will be even better!

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