Guggenheim Trivia

Scavenger Hunt Answers!

By Samantha C.


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We have a new feature here in GuggenTimes! It’s called Guggenheim Trivia! It’s simple and fun. You have to go different places in the school to find out the answers. This is a project to help you learn more about your school, Guggenheim! Here are your questions. Good luck finding the answers!


How many kids are there in Guggenheim School? _594___

What year was the school built in? __1962___

How many books are there in the school library? _about 14,000_

What art supplies (besides paper and pencils) are most used in the art room? _clay, glaze, paint, glue, plaster, cloth, permanent markers, scissors, and tracing paper

Name something in the gym that you cannot find anywhere else in the school. basketball hoops, movable wall, bowling pins, jump ropes, hula hoops, scooters, climbing ropes, soccer goals, frisbees, bleachers, and score boards

How old is the school? 42 years old

Are there more girls or boys in the school? more girls than boys

What is the name of the warm-up Mrs. Mayer always does before each PEP class? Brain Bubblers

How many computers are there in the computer lab? 27 computers_

Name all the male teachers in the school. _Mr. Martin, Mr. Sficos, Mr. Stavrinos, Mr. Nadler, Mr. Fish, Mr. Feingold, and Mr. Trottier


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