Guggenheim Trivia

Scavenger Hunt!

By Samantha C

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We have a new feature here in GuggenTimes! It’s called Guggenheim Trivia! It’s simple and fun. You have to go different places in the school to find out the answers. This is a project to help you learn more about your school, Guggenheim! Here are your questions. Good luck finding the answers!


How many kids are there in Guggenheim School? _____

What year was the school built in? _____

How many books are there in the school library? _____

What art supplies (besides paper and pencils) are most used in the art room? __________________

Name something in the gym that you cannot find anywhere else in the school. _____________________

How old is the school? ___________

Are there more girls or boys in the school?_____

What is the name of the warm-up Mrs. Mayer always does before each PEP class? ____

How many computers are there in the computer lab? ______

Name all the male teachers in the school. ___________________


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