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By Emily B., James E., Aly S., and Jessie Y.

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If you go to clubs before or after school then this is the perfect article for you. If you don’t, you should look at this to find one that you might like. We found out about all the clubs in the school. We gave each teacher who ran a club a questionnaire so we could find out as much as we could possibly could. The clubs go from K-5.

Mrs. Mayer runs the GuggenTimes Club for fourth and fifth graders and that’s where THIS school newspaper that you’re reading is made! You learn how to use a digital camera, get to use a scanner, write articles, work on editing, layout, do publicity, get to work on graphics, and your work gets put into GuggenTimes for everyone to read! In GuggenTimes you come very early before school at 7:15 AM, and you don’t go every time. You only go when Mrs. Mayer tells you your staff is working by putting up the bulletins that hang in the hall. Mrs. Mayer said, “GuggenTimes cooperates with GuggenWeb, so the web version gets done, too. It is unique to have two clubs work cooperatively. It includes about thirty kids altogether.” Mrs. Mayer’s favorite part about the club is being proud of the students' work and happily watching the whole school reading the new issue! When the newspaper is done, club members have a staff evaluation and breakfast celebration with both GuggenTimes and GuggenWeb staffs there. Well, now you know what you need to know about GuggenTimes.

GuggenWeb is also run by Mrs. Mayer, and is one of the clubs we asked about. Some of the things they do in this club is making the web version of GuggenTimes, (which you're reading right now!!!) update the school web site, make teacher web pages, and do movie and book reviews. The students in this club enjoy it very much. They especially like animations. Mrs. Mayer said, “It is great that the web club can create something special for our school and the whole world to enjoy!” This club is for grades 4 and 5. These reporters think this club is great and hope you do, too.

Ms. Tuman and Mrs. N. Miller both run Leadership Club. At Leadership they build a community of caring and responsibility. They do a lot of service projects to help others. Mrs. Miller’s favorite part of the club is giving someone else who doesn’t have many things a reason to smile. Ms. Tuman’s favorite part is the fact that they are helping so many people, and that they are making a difference. The kids enjoy it because helping others makes them feel good about themselves. So, if you ever see any signs around the school, stop, and read them, because most of them are probably made by Leadership.

Mrs. Tiberia runs three clubs! They are all Computer Clubs for grades K-5. Everyone can participate. For kindergarten to first grade, they make an electronic book that is on the web. Second, third, fourth, and fifth graders play games, research, create their own web pages, and do animations. Mrs.Tiberia’s favorite part of the club is working with the children. Mrs. Tiberia thinks the kids like Computer Club. We hope you enjoyed reading about Computer Club!

Intramurals is the place to be if you really love sports. In Mrs. B. Miller’s Intramurals Club you can learn new sports games you would really like. Also in Intramurals you learn the skills of new sports and continue the skills you learn in Physical Education. “My favorite part of my club is knowing that the kids are having fun while learning,” says Mrs. Miller. The games that you play in Intramurals are usually what you are doing in regular Physical Education or other games you might know or learn. We asked Mrs. Miller if she think the kids like her club... what do you think? She said “Yes!” You should join this club if you really enjoy sports.

Do you like to gardening? Well, Mrs. Wasserman runs Garden Club for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Mrs. Wasserman said the purpose of her club is to introduce students to gardening. The kids and Mrs. Wasserman plant bulbs and identify vegetation in the preserve. During bad weather the kids do craft projects involving nature items. Mrs. Wasserman’s favorite part of her club is watching the children discover items in the preserve, for example, mushrooms, nests, seeds and a lot more. She thinks that kids enjoy this club. Who wouldn’t? It seems like fun!

Want to be an artist? Then come to Mrs. Illiano’s Art Club! In Art Club you start to become a artist and you don’t know it because you have so much fun! In Art Club you draw a picture of your choice and turn it in to a masterpiece. You transfer your drawing to a canvas and paint with oil and acrylic paints. Mrs. Illiano said that the students in the club want to gain more advanced skills. Her favorite part of the club is being able to develop more sophisticated painting techniques and share them with the interested students. Mrs. Illiano loves her club and so do the kids, judging from the enrollment in grades 4 and 5.

Want to have a fun time? Well, kindergarteners, go to Mrs. O’Donnell’s Book Club. In the Book Club you read classic children’s books, do a related craft, discuss the story, and have a snack. Mrs. O’Donnell said, “I love to see the reaction of the kids to the story and the questions they ask.” Mrs. O’Donnell really loves her club as much as the kids do. They ALL have a really fun time!

Do your siblings annoy you when you do homework? Does anybody annoy you when you do homework? Well if anybody does, just come to Homework Club. You get to work on homework with your friends. Ms. D’Arpino thinks the kids enjoy Homework Club because she thinks they get the time to get their homework done and are comfortable about asking for help. In Homework Club, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders can come.

We asked about the Intergenerational Club that Mrs. Katz runs. The purpose of this club is to share experiences with senior citizens. Some of the activities they do with the seniors are playing games, cooking, doing crafts, and talking. Mrs. Katz says that the kids in her club enjoy what they are doing. She said, “It is a wonderful experience spending time with people from a different generation. I think everyone benefits!” That is why Intergenerational Club is a great club.

We also asked about the Science Club that Mrs. N. Miller runs. Her favorite part of the club is the project at the end of every session. Mrs. Miller does this club for grades 1 and 2. Mrs. Miller said, “the purpose of this club is to do different activities to expose students to everyday fun ways to look at science.” She thinks that all the kids in her club enjoy it very much.

Other clubs at Guggenheim are Dance Club, 2nd Grade Book Club, and Recreation.

Well, have you seen a club that you like? We hope you did! If you can’t join this year, keep it in mind for next year!

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