Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Playground Wish List

by James E. and Genevieve B.

Graphic by Ricki S.

Web design by Jai S.

Do you want more playground equipment? Well, we are very lucky that the P.T.A. is planning to buy some new playground equipment for the third, fourth, and fifth grade playground. And we are keeping the old playground equipment, also. Mrs. Sloan. one of the presidents of the P.T.A., asked us to do a survey because she wanted to know what kind of equipment the kids wanted most. The new equipment should be put in by the spring. If not, it should be here by the end of the year.

We handed out a survey to the third through fifth graders to see what they want. We also asked our physical education teachers, Mrs. Vogeley and Mrs. Miller. And we asked the educational assistants who are outside at recess what are the most popular things that the kids play on.

Here are the results from the fewest to the most votes: Monkey bars got 17 votes. Slides got 20. Swings got 71 votes and soccer nets got 88. In third place came climbing toys with 89 votes. Second is jungle gym with 110 votes. In first place came basketball hoops with 145 votes! Mrs. Vogeley and Mrs. Miller wanted the basketball hoops and also suggested hopscotch and four-square painted on the blacktop. The paraprofessionals thought that swings, basketball hoops, and soccer nets were popular. Also, they said that the kids always want more balls to play with.

The P.T.A. will spend up to $10,000. Maybe even up to $15,000! The P.T.A. will use our survey results to help them decide what to buy for the playground. Thank you to the P.T.A. for being so good to us!

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