New, BIGGER, and Better Programs!

by Alyssa K.

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How is school better this year? Well, do you know about the expanded programs like P.E.P., math resource, and E.S.L.? That’s how! I’ll tell you about them!

PEP is expanded this year! I interviewed Ms. McLean, who is our new part time P.E.P. teacher. She has been working in the computer lab as the technology staff development teacher for six years. “I wanted to be able to work more closely with the students and to learn a new curriculum. So far, I love it. I’m having a blast!” The only thing that Ms. McLean would like is to have a full size classroom. She does everything that Mrs. Mayer does, like school-wide enrichment and both Mrs. Mayer and she will be doing the newest part of PEP called PEP Challenge Workshops. Ms. McLean is here on Mondays and Fridays and some Thursday mornings. The other times she goes to Daly.

Then, I interviewed Mrs. Mayer about the expanded PEP program. She said, “Yes, it is fun to have another PEP. teacher in the building because together we can provide more enrichment for all the children.” When I asked her how it works sharing the room, she said that they work a schedule out so when one of them is going around the school with their PEPmobile cart, the other one is in the PEP. room. Mrs. Mayer told me about the new part of PEP this year for the third and fourth graders, the PEP Challenge Workshops. The workshops are self-directed enrichment. Children choose workshops they are interested in. The activities are based on the survey done last year. Workshops for third graders are: Sweet Science, PEP Detective Agency, and Computer Cartooning. Fourth grade workshops will include: The Sky’s the Limit, Mystery Science, and Web Explorers. The workshops meet once a week during recess for six weeks. Each workshop has about twelve kids. Very exciting!

Mrs. Mayer and Ms. McLean are going to provide more school wide enrichment this year, especially for kids in kindergarten, first, and second grade by providing an additional unit. Each unit is also going to be a little bit longer than it used to be. Emily B., from the fifth grade, (Mrs. Drucker’s class) said, “I like doing the Plexers.’’ I also asked Alexa L. from Ms. D’ Arpino’s class about PEP and she said, “I like it!”

I interviewed Ms. O’ Shea, our math resource teacher who is now here full time and not at Daly anymore. She is now able to work with kids from grades second to fifth and teachers from kindergarten to fifth. Last year, she only worked with kids in grades four and five. Ms. O’ Shea said that it is much easier to be at one school than at two schools because she likes to be organized. She also said that usually she sees big improvements in the kids. She is expecting a lot of new kids because it now includes more grades. When asked about her room, Ms. O’ Shea said, “Sometimes it’s noisy but I’m happy to have my own space to work in.”

In the past, E.S.L. students had to go on a bus to another school. This year, we have E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) right here in Guggenheim! I interviewed the two E.S.L. teachers, Mrs. Pollock and Ms. Kanellis. Mrs. Pollock worked at Manorhaven before she came here. They both said that it is amazing how quickly the children learn but they did say that it is hard work and it takes a lot of practice. Ms. Kanellis and Mrs. Pollock said that it is helpful to have more than one E.S.L. teacher because you can share and pass around ideas. To communicate with the children, they use body language and pictures. Both of the teachers speak Spanish and Greek. They think that it is very important to be here!

Well, now you know what kinds of new and expanded programs we are lucky to have here at Guggenheim this year!


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