It’s YOUR School Equipment...

by Nick C.

Web design by Emily S.

Digital Image by Jesse Y.

Don’t do it! Why ruin the phys. ed. school equipment for yourself and the other students? One problem with school equipment is the nerf balls in the gym used for playing pinball-basketball and some other games. I talked to Mrs. Vogeley and Mrs. Miller about what they do when they see kids destroying the equipment.

Mrs. Vogeley said that she is disappointed when she sees the kids wrecking the equipment but the students have been very good with the equipment over the years. Then I interviewed Mrs. Miller. She says if she sees kids ruining the equipment she will tell the student to sit out. “If I see the student destroying the equipment I won’t let the student play with it so the next time he or she comes they won’t ruin it,” says Mrs. Miller.

Next I interviewed some students. 5th grader Douglas H. says that if he sees someone destroying the equipment he would tell the student to stop and if that doesn’t work he would tell Mrs. Vogeley or Mrs. Miller. I also interviewed Jesse W., who is in 4th grade. He doesn't like it because if one person wrecks the equipment everyone has to suffer. The last person I interviewed is a kindergartener (who just happens to be my sister!), Kristen C. She doesn't like it when the other kids ruin the equipment because she still has five more years at Guggenheim and she doesn't want to be playing with bad equipment.

So, fellow Guggenheimers, it’s your choice- break the equipment and sit out or don’t break the equipment and play. Sounds like an easy choice to me!


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