by Hayley K.

graphic by Ricki S.

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Did you hear about the seashore play that Ms. Fealy's class did? "It was exactly like last year's play," says Ms. Fealy. But there were two different things- the class was performing the play by themselves and this year they did a dance. This play was shown to the 3rd grades.

Ms. Fealy's class was doing the seashore topic because the class was studying the seashore. Ms. Fealy really enjoys doing plays because it's a great way to see the children outside of the class, being creative. She loves all play topics but she's only done two plays. "It's hard to make a play with all the kids," says Ms. Fealy. The students in Ms. Fealy's class performed as the students in Ms. Frizzle's class. I asked Ms. Fealy if there were any teachers in the play and she said ,"no!"

Here is a little summary of the play. In the begining of the play there are groups. The groups are scuba divers, fish, and whales. First go the scuba divers. While they are acting, the rest of the class is singing Yellow Submarine. Then the same thing for the whales and fish. But when the whales go, the class sings Baby Beluga, and when the fish go they sing 3 Little Fishies. In the middle of the play, the kids do a dance. For the end of the play, they come out and bow.

I hope all the third graders enjoyed the play!

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