Where in the World is Ms. McFadden?

by Alexa F.

Digital image by Emily B.

Web Design by Kiki S. and Jamie T.



Ms. McFadden is back! She is in her new room out in the portable. Ms. McFadden loves being in the portable. She said, “I like being out in the portable. It is a better classroom for teaching music.” What she likes best about the new room is that, “there is a lot of space for kids to move around and a lot of space to store things.” When I asked her if she disliked anything about the room, she said, “NO! Everything is working out well in this room!” Ms. McFadden would prefer to stay in the portable instead of being in the classroom inside of the school. Ms. McFadden said, “Sometimes the portable gets lonely, but it still works out best for teaching music.” Ms. McFadden says, “there is definitely more room in the portable. She thinks that the portable is better because she can fit instruments and books. Ms. McFadden’s plan for the Music Room this year is to have a successful year, and she hopes the kids enjoy music in the portable with her!


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