Goodbye Mrs. Ajello, Hello Ms. Littell
by Robert W.

digital image by Jessie Y.

web design by Kirsten P.


Mrs. Ajello is not working at Guggenheim School as the assistant principal anymore. Now she is working at Daly School as the new principal. We’re sad that Mrs. Ajello is gone, but we are also happy that Ms. Littell is our new assistant principal.

Ms. Littell moved from being a first grade teacher. She was a teacher here for two years. During the summer, Mrs. Ajello left and Ms. Littell wanted to be the assistant principal. She said, “I wanted to work with more children than the children in my classroom.” She wants to be able to help all the children in the school and help them grow into young adults.”

Ms. Littell likes being a teacher and she likes being an assistant principal. She says, “Being an assistant principal is new for me.” Ms. Littell loves to see more smiling faces every day, and she gets to help teachers and children. Ms. Littell said, “When I was a teacher I spent my whole day with twenty children.”

Ms. Littell has many goals, one of which is making sure she goes into classrooms to work with teachers and students and be someone that people can go to for help. She feels that great children plus great teachers and great parents equal a better place to work.

I asked her what is her hardest part of this job? She said that she spends half of her time at Guggenheim and half of her time at Sousa and it is hard to go back and forth each day.

Ms. Littell is a great assistant principal we all are happy to have her here!

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