Summer Videos

By Kyle M.

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You just came home from camp. It is a hot day and you’re tired and sweaty. But all of a sudden these big ominous clouds come and you hear BABOOM! It starts pouring rain, and you think "Now what am I going to do? Rent a video!!" I interviewed Jess to find out what would be popular this summer on videos. Jess works at BlockBuster and he said that he couldn’t really tell me the movies that would be out after June 3. He did say, movies come out on video about six to eight months after they have been in the theater. But here are some pretty new movies that you might want to check out if you haven’t seen them already. These movies are rated PG and G.

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

2. The Wild Thornberry’s Movie

3. Tuck Everlasting

4. Treasure Island

5. Spy kids 2

6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This reporter spoke to sixteen fourth and fifth grade students and fifteen out of sixteen have been allowed to see PG-13 movies. Here are PG-13 movies for the older kids who are allowed to see them.

1. Spiderman

2. Star Trek Nemesis

3. Catch Me if You Can

4. Antwone Fisher

5. Maid in Manhattan

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