Mystery People

By Molly R. and Alexa F.

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-favorite color is purple

-favorite book is This Present Darkness

-birthday is August 8th

-favorite animal is a cat

-loves Music

-favorite color is red

-favorite book is Jane Eyre

-favorite sport is Lacrosse

-birthday is March 7th

-favorite animal is German Shepherd

-aides us at Guggenheim

-favorite color is yellow

-favorite animal is a dog

-birthday is July 24th

-favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

-teaches 1st grade

-favorite colors are blue and pink

-favorite sport is baseball

-favorite book is Little Women

-birthday is July 1st

-favorite animal is a dog

-does the Banana Splits

-favorite sports team is Green Bay Packers

-favorite book is Porckel Von Pop Button

-favorite animal is an otter

-favorite color is blue

-birthday is August 15th

-teaches 4th grade



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