By Chelsea M. and Cory M. 

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Our six years at Guggenheim have been extraordinary! We each had amazing teachers, and great memories to keep forever and ever. We started Guggenheim in Kindergarten. Cory had Mrs. O'Donnell, and Chelsea had Mrs. Werter. Thankfully, they were both next to each other...or else we would’ve never survived. Chelsea sneaked into Mrs. O’Donnell’s class everyday so she could check on Cory, and at nap time, Chelsea used to fall into a deep, deep, sleep. She will always remember Mrs. Werter for her big, huge smile! Cory had a great friendship with Mrs. O'Donnell, for she would invite her to her house in the summer time. That year, we had our first school play. It was called: “Where’s Goosie?” based on the Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Our first year brought new surprises and we couldn’t wait to come back the next year.

First grade was great! Every year, Guggenheim was getting better and better. Chelsea and Cory both met their best friends in first grade. They are Jacqueline and Andrea. Chelsea had Mrs. Dermody and Cory had Mrs. Kanterman. Cory wrote her first book (20 pages) and studied Monet while Chelsea got interested in art as well. Mrs. Dermody signed her name with a little creature named Snickerdoodle. Chelsea loved him, and Cory loved her first “new” teacher. First grade gave first joys to Chelsea and Cory.

The third year at Guggenheim was not third grade, but second. That year Chelsea had Mr. Martin and Cory had Mrs. Martin. Our mom and dad kept mixing them up. We performed and sang in our second school play called “Interplanetary Jamming." It was about the planets and space. That followed our trip to the Vanderbilt Planetarium. Our best friends followed us into our classes and we were becoming better and better friends. Chelsea and Cory both learned how to write poetry, math, history, and science. Cory learned sign language and took nature walks at the back of the school with Mrs. Martin and her class. Our second grade year was a blast (get it, like space)? But there was one more surprise in store...

Cory looped with Mrs. Martin, but Chelsea kept getting new teachers. This year in third grade, Chelsea got Mrs. Haworth. We were in for a real treat this year! We went to the United Nations and learned about countries, along with our class studies on Africa, Europe, and Japan. We also learned about beetles. Mrs. Martin had good news...she was having another baby this year! We became closer and closer with each teacher we got.

Fourth grade was the best! Cory had Mrs. Betsch and Chelsea had Mrs. Picciano, who were both ready to teach us new things such as: cursive, Crayfish, and exciting things about Long Island. We made lots of new friends, and saw old ones too. We visited historical places such as: Fire Island Lighthouse, Raynham Hall, the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, and our houses for a pool party. Fourth grade was one of the most spectacular times we had in Guggenheim School.

This year we are in fifth grade, our last year at this school. It has been a blast so far. Mrs. Drucker and Mrs. Schneider are excellent teachers. Mrs. Drucker teaches Chelsea and Mrs. Schneider teaches Cory. They are both fun, caring, and are getting us prepared for Weber next year. We have been learning geometry, health, American history, and now we are practicing for the IOWAs. We went on great field trips like: Nassau County Art Exhibits with Mrs. Illiano, Caumsett State Park to learn about how to survive, the Landmark Theater to see a play about Anne Frank, and now we are going to go to New York City, and to our houses again for another fantastic pool party. This year our 5th graders had a talent show. Chelsea won the talent show by playing, “A Thousand Miles,” on the cafeteria piano. Mrs. Schneider and Mrs. Drucker are great teachers and we will remember this year forever.

Along our years at Guggenheim School, there have been so many teachers to help us. Our amazing art teacher, Mrs. Illiano, has taken us on so many field trips to the Nassau County Art Exhibits. She has taught us how to paint professionally, do print making, make ceramic pieces, and to sew little animal friends!

In the library, we have an excellent librarian, Mrs. Livanos. She has helped us with how to recognize call numbers, check books out, and how to use the OPAC for search references. Guggenheim gym teachers are great! We had a physical education teacher named Mr. Makover. He taught at Dance Club which we were participating in in fourth grade, and he taught regular gym and really made learning physical fitness fun! Mrs. Vogeley has been there since day one at the school. She has been teaching us from “Cookie Monster! Cookie Monster!” to basketball and volleyball. She is a great physical education teacher and we hope she will always be at Guggenheim to teach gym class. The newest physical education teacher is Mrs. Miller, who has made a great impression on our school. She teaches great volleyball and is so much fun to have as a teacher.

Our PEP teacher is Mrs. Mayer. She is an outstanding teacher! She is one of the smartest people we know and she is so much fun to be with. She has taught us about Tessellations, shapes, math, and toothpick bridges!

Mrs. Tiberia and Ms. McLean have taught us how to type, and use the computer. We will remember these skills for a long time, thanks to them.

Mrs. Sellers is our school nurse/teacher and has been there to heal our cuts and to teach us about smoking, health, our immune system and adolescence. She is a person who will make your bruises better, not just by putting a band-aid on them, but someone who will make you smile.

Music teachers are also a really great part of our memories at Guggenheim School. Mrs. Wresch was our first music teacher. She taught us how to sing, study different kinds of music, and put us in the All District Chorus. She also taught us how to play the recorder. That is when we had our first big concert with instruments in third grade! Speaking about instruments, we also had Mr. Feingold. He welcomed us into the Guggenheim band and into the All District Band. He has a great sense of humor and has taught us a great sense of music. Mr. Fish was also there to teach Cory and Chelsea as well. Even though we never took violin or viola, Mrs. Field still has been such a great and amazing orchestra teacher. Ms. McFadden is the newest addition to the Guggenheim Music Department. She teaches us chorus songs, and regular music in general. We hope that music will be one of the things that we will succeed in, thanks to these wonderful people.

Ms. Creash and Mrs. Ajello are the principal and the assistant principal. From day one at this school, they have been watching out for us, and helping us become better students and how to follow and respect people and the rules. Ms. Creash and Mrs. Ajello are the ones who have made this school come together by placing us in wonderful classes and hiring wonderful teachers. We will always remember them.

As you can see, the years at Guggenheim have been so great, we will never forget any of it. Guggenheim Elementary School is, and always will be, the best school on the planet! Thank you everyone for having us at this school. We love you all!


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