Spring Music is Back at Guggenheim!

by Yeon L.

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Everyone at Guggenheim is a music lover, and special music lovers put on two shows for us! The All District Concert was in March, and the Guggenheim Spring Concert was in May.

On Thursday March 27, 2003, fantastic 5th grade singers and musicians went to Weber for the All District Concert. Our retired music teacher, Mrs. Wresch, says the district chorus was so good that they brought tears to her eyes and parents’ eyes. “It was one of the best in years!”She thinks it’s a great idea to have a district chorus because children of all the elementary schools get to work with the guest conductors. For three months, Mrs. Wresch and the district chorus practiced for the big night.

Mrs. Field, our orchestra conductor, says the All District Orchestra was absolutely FABULOUS! She thinks that they can move on to better things with their instruments especially next year in middle school.

Mr. Feingold, our band band conductor, says the district band did great at the All District Concert and they worked very hard. “I think they did a wonderful job at the concert because they are a great band,” he says.

Next came the Spring Concert at Guggenheim. Stella K., from fourth grade chorus and band, says she was very excited about performing in the band, but was nervous to sing on stage. She also says that Ms. McFadden is very nice and friendly and is glad to have her for our music teacher!

What did Ms. McFadden say? “It was exciting,” she says, “because I was being introduced to a whole new group of kids.” For the concert, Ms. McFadden says the choruses worked hard and she thinks they sounded great. On a scale of 1-10 she thinks the 4th grade chorus put in 10 and the 5th grade chorus put in 9 but it turned out to a be 10 at the concert. “I think there are very good 4th and 5th grade singers in Guggenheim!”

So you heard- from teachers and students. These were two great concerts!


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