Fab 5th

By Ali S. and Maria M.

Web design by Ryohei O.

This year is an exciting year for the fifth graders because they are graduating and moving on to a new school! Lots of us are wondering what is going to happen? What kind of trips or events are we going to have? These reporters are also fifth graders, and we are just as curious as any other fifth grader!

We interviewed Mrs. Schneider about the events. She told us most of them. “The events are going to be the 5th grade party, the 5th grade Moving Up Ceremony, Fun Day at Weber, The 5th grade trip, visits from high school students, museum trips, 5th grade Sports Night, DNA Laboratory, and the 5th grade first aid course with Mrs. Sellers,” says Mrs. Schneider.

Then we asked Mrs. Schneider which event she thinks the children will mostly enjoy. Mrs. Schneider replied, “The end of year trip because it is something special and it’s not the same thing every year. Plus we get to spend time with each other and be together.”

Usually when the 5th graders have a party they get a shirt. This year, instead of using a computer design, they let the kids create their own design. Then the P.T.A. chooses one design for all the 5th graders.

Did you know that all of the 5th grade events are taking place in April, May, or June? These reporters interviewed a 5th grade student named Heather G. to see her ideas about the 5th grade events. “I think that the events in the future might be the 5th grade trip, “Team Up For Weber” party, and a play,” says Heather. Next, we asked, “Which would be the most fun?” She said ,“I think the fifth grade trip would be the most fun because we get to do a lot of fun things!”

Then we asked a 5th grader, Danny L., what type of events does he think are planned for the future? Danny said, “I hope we meet the new superindentent.” (Wink, wink, from the 3...2...1... Blast Off With Dr. Gordon reporters.) We also asked Danny which event will be the most fun and why? He replied, “the 5th grade party because I think it will be fun. I will be able to hang out with my friends before I go to sleep away camp."

So all of you fifth graders out there, now you know what is going to happen in Guggenheim for us. Now, you don’t have to be in suspense! These reporters know that you can’t wait, but you'll have to sit tight, then enjoy the 5th grade events!


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