Top Five Summer Places to Go

by Alyssa K.

Web Design by Raphi A. and Athena P.

graphic by Tyler T.


Have you ever wondered why you don’t see that many people you know at Adventure Land or why you see so many people at Splish Splash during the summer? Well, I have it all here for you. I surveyed the students and teachers in the school to find out their favorite places to go for the summer for this issue’s Top Five Survey. The choices were Hawaii, Splish Splash, Disney World, Adventure Land, beach, Europe, Washington D.C., and camp.

In first place came Splish Splash with a spashing 115 votes! Hawaii came in second with a “luauing” 91 votes. In third came Disney World with a “fun”tastic 81 votes. Europe came in fourth with a flying 50 votes and in fifth came camp with 33 votes. I am sorry if you voted for camp or one of the other choices.

I surveyed Alexa F. from Dr. Castillo’s class. She chose Adventure Land. Sorry Alexa but Adventure Land came in eighth place. Thank you for voting anyway. I also surveyed Midori E. in Mr. Sficos’ class. She chose Disney.

So I’ll see you at Splish Splash this summer!


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