A Winter Sensation!

By Yeon L.

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 As you know we have very talented people at our school, Guggenheim, but our talented fifth and fourth graders put on a Winter Concert on January 15th and 16th. The audience ended up applauding and cheering and we think everyone deserved it! Our band conductor, Mr. Feingold, says he loves teaching the band and having fun! “Yes, I was very excited about the Winter Concert,” he says. Mr. Feingold thought everyone in band was very ready for the concert and he thinks the best part of teaching the band is working with so many great students! He also says he is looking forward to reading about the Guggenheim band in GuggenTimes!

Ms. Field, our great orchestra conductor, says she was very excited because the orchestra was very advanced. She has been teaching orchestra for 22 years and it excites her when they get to play musically. Ms. Field thought that this orchestra group was very ready and it was one of the best ever! She says, “Because I have very hard working, enthusiastic musicians, we are playing hard music and we are playing very well!”

Midori E. from orchestra says that she enjoyed playing her violin on stage and she hopes she can play it on stage again. “I thought that the band was good to hear and the chorus was great to hear and fun to be in!”

The concert wasn’t over yet. Last but not least, our wonderful music teacher, Mrs. Wresch, says she loves teaching the choruses. “It is hard work but I love it when we perform,” she told GuggenTimes. She thought that this year’s Winter Concert was better prepared and more fun then the concerts in the past few years. She thought the best part of the fourth grade chorus was when they sang “Blue Tail Fly” and the best part of the fifth grade chorus was when they sang the “Fifty States” song. Mrs. Wresch was also nervous and excited but hoped she wasn’t too nervous to do a good job! On a scale of 1-10, she thought that the fourth grade chorus put in a 10 and the fifth grade, 8 for practice but 10 for doing so well at the concert!

Mrs. Wresch thinks the band and orchestra was very well prepared and it was fun to hear! Alanna B. from the fourth grade chorus says she felt nervous at first but when she started singing, she didn’t feel nervous but felt great on stage!

So you heard it, from teachers and students. If you have been to the concerts last year and the year before that, and not this year’s Winter Concert, you missed a whole lot! 

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