Top 5 Outdoor Winter Sports

By Nick C.

Graphic Art By Conor H.

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Do you know what the top outdoor winter sports at Guggenheim are? If you don’t, you should continue to read this article. I gave your teachers a tally sheet to take a tally then give the results to me. After I got the results I added them. Now they’re in the newspaper. I interviewed Miles K. and Lucy M. from Ms. Ross’s class voted for skiing because he enjoys it very much. Lucy, also in Ms. Ross’s class, voted for ice skating because she thinks it’s relaxing. Now, here are the results for the Top 5 Outdoor Winter Sports! Here are the choices for any of you who may have forgotten: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, ice hockey and ice fishing. There are 6 choices but only five winners. In first place came skiing with 102 votes! Can you believe it- 102 votes! In second place came ice skating with 95 votes. In third came snowboarding with 94 votes. In fourth came sledding with 79 votes. And last, but not least, came ice hockey with 43 votes. I’m sorry to the people who voted for ice fishing but ice fishing lost because it only had 13 votes.


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