Our Young Authors

By Jacqueline F.

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Do you like books? Well, Mrs. Polkes has a lot of creative authors in her kindergarten class. Mrs. Polkes had a fantastic idea of having her children write their own books. They made their own version of a book called, A Party. Some children made a book called A Snowman and then they told us clues to try to figure out what the book was about. Ms. Rauch’s class is their reading buddies and they loved the books that Mrs. Polkes’ class worked very hard on. Ms. Rauch said, "This is a very good project!”

When Midori and I went to the Authors’ Tea it was GREAT! The whole class was on a bench while Ms. Rauch’s class was on the rug. Then one person read at a time and we asked a couple of questions and then the next person shared. When they were done, they had a little party. They had popcorn and apple juice- it was a really nice party. And it was a great experience for everyone!

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