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 Looking for a good read? Check some of these magazines out:


Zoobooks K-3- Focusing on one animal each issue, there are crossword puzzles, word searches and more fun activities. It also has outstanding color pictures of animals.


Ranger Rick 2-5- This magazine looks closely at animals and tells you what animals eat, how they get their food, and where their habitat is.


Odyssey 3-5- This science magazine talks about lots of things, exploring mountains, caves, and glaciers. It sometimes has unbelievable experiments that you can do. Every month it has activities for you.


National Geographic World 3-5- This fun magazine talks about animals (and has animal cards), technology, weather, has great pictures, and occasionally has movie reviews. It also has a game section with comics, wacky facts, and more.


Sports Illustrated For Kids 3-5- Have you ever wondered how many touchdowns, fumble recoveries, or home runs your favorite player had? Find out in Sports Illustrated For Kids.


Muse 3-5-Has everything from science to the arts, and lots of interesting stories and comics!


Cobblestone 3-5- Go back in time and read about history! If you are interested in American history, this is the perfect magazine for you. It has great articles, games, puzzles, book review, and brain ticklers.


Sirs Discoverer (online search engine) K-5- A general reference magazine online where you can look up everything, and may be helpful in doing homework or reports!


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