After School Activities

By Kyle F.

Graphic by Tyler T.

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This is an article about the afterschool activities kids do and if they do enough of them. After surveying classes I found out that the most popular thing that kids do, according to my survey, was basketball. 137 of the kids from the 20 classes I got information back from do basketball after school.The runner up was Hebrew School, 98 kids go to that. After that would be swimming with 81 kids and then music with 80 kids. What activities do only a few kids go to: Japanese and Chinese School. Intergenerational Club is only for fourth and fifth graders. Also, there's another club for 4th and 5th graders, Dance Club. The least popular sport was hockey. Of the after school clubs at Guggenheim, Computer Club had the most kids by far. I found that the older kids do more activities than younger kids. I think this is reasonable. I think that kids do enough activities. Some classes had as many as 100 activities. Plus kids have a lot of playdates. What do you think? Do you think kids do enough activities?

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