School Rules

By Kyle M.

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 Do you ever think there are to many rules? Did you ever get caught for running in the halls and wonder what the big deal was about? Do you even know what the school rules are? This reporter spoke with our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ajello, to get some info on Guggenheim’s school rules. She told me that our school district has a code of conduct that is sent home to your parents. Each school follows the C.O.C. but may have other rules that are just for their building. Teachers make up rules for their classrooms, too. It seems like there are an awful lot of rules. But, Mrs. Ajello told this reporter that the most important rules are respect for one another, and to treat others how you want to be treated. This leads to a safe and secure school. She believes the majority of the students obey the rules at Guggenheim, but she does have to talk to a lot of students about running in the hallways! Mrs. Ajello, however, is proud of the certificates of merit that classes have earned because it means kids are following the rules at lunch.

This reporter also interviewed some students to find out what they know about Guggenheim's rules. Miles K., a second grader, says he is not sure that kids really know all the rules. For instance, kids are bringing in Gameboy Advanced when the rule is no Gameboys at school. He thinks the rule should be no electronic devices. He also thinks kids are disruptive on the carpet in his classroom. Jordan S., a fourth grader, says he thinks he knows most of the rules. The ones he knows he follows and thinks are fair but he is not sure most kids follow the rules on the playground. This reporter agrees because of all the playground arguments.

Well, what this reporter found out was even though there may be a lot of rules, they are for our own saftey. At least we don't have uniforms!

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