Working Together for Kids

By Jacqueline F. and Alexa F.

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Mrs. McCulloh and Mrs. Sloan


Do you know about the P.T.A? The P.T.A was thoughtful enough to answer some questions for this article, and nowwe am going to share the information with you. Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. McCulloh are our PTA presidents this year. They said, “As a parent, to be part of a support system for Guggenheim School is great.” Next they said, “The P.T.A. organizes and runs educational, fund raising, and fun activities that enhance the students’ experience at Guggenheim.” Parents volunteer their time and efforts for the various programs and fund raising events.” Then we asked them when they started to work in the P.T.A.? They said, “as kindergarten parents.” Afterwards we asked them what does the P.T.A stand for? They said it stands for Parent Teacher Association. “The Administration and School Board have the best interests of all the students in mind. They are the people we, the P.T.A, go to for approval of ideas, events, etc.”

The P.T.A. is so great for this school because it allows parents and teachers to work together, to enhance students’ experiences at Guggenheim. And, they really enjoy it! Thank you to all the parents who work for the kids, especially Mrs. McCulloh and Mrs. Sloan!


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