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By Ali S., Sam R., and Maria M.

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In the beginning of January in the PEP room, these 3 reporters interviewed the new Superintendent of Port Washington Public Schools, Dr. Geoffrey Gordon. These reporters put together some questions for him to answer about his education, job, and life. He allowed us to tape record the interview, and after listening to the tape recorder, we’ve found we had learned a lot about Dr. Gordon! He had so much to say, and we want to share it all with our Guggenheim readers.

The first questions we asked him were about his education and his jobs. “I’ve taught all levels: in elementary school it was 4th and 5th grade, and in Middle School, it was 6th grade to 8th grade.” said Dr. Gordon. He also taught Advanced Placement U.S. History at a high school level. In addition, he taught at Montclair University. “This is my 26th year in education,” Dr. Gordon adds. Dr. Gordon sums it all up: “I taught for 17 years as a teacher, 8 years as a superintendent in New Providence, New Jersey, 5 years as a Vice Principal and 2 years as a Principal.” Wow! Some other jobs Dr. Gordon has had are as a General Manager in business for 9 years, and as a baseball coach at Rutgers University.

We wanted to know more about Dr. Gordon and baseball. He told us he thought he was going to be a professional baseball player. “I tried out for the Kansas City Royals, but I needed a job before the season started,” says Dr. Gordon. “I really wanted to be a professional baseball player because that was my dream job when I was a kid,” he adds. “I was a catcher and a pitcher.”

“I wanted to go to law school, but then I decided to try teaching, and not to go to law school,” says Dr. Gordon. As it turned out, he just wanted to keep teaching, because in those days there were shortages of teachers and he believed teaching to be a calling and an opportunity to help society.

Next, we asked him what were his worst and best experiences being the Superintendent. “My best experience has been getting to know the students and teachers,” says Dr. Gordon. He adds, “I think the teachers and students here in Port Washington are great!” His worst experience in being the Superintendent here is, well, so far he hasn’t really had any yet! “In the past, I had to deal with students that died in an automobile accident. The kids took drugs and alcohol on the weekend, and they were driving drunk and got into a car accident and some students of mine died,” says Dr. Gordon. “I also had to go to the funeral, which was very sad,” Dr. Gordon adds. That was definitely his worst experience!

Dr. Gordon says, “I think the schools in Port Washington are excellent! We have a great staff and a great community. ”I love this town!” There are some small things Dr. Gordon would like to do to expand the teaching staff. “I think we should have more programs for kids and more teachers running the programs.” Another thing he would like to do is to reallocate resources in our budget. “Having lots of teachers is the best thing for kids,” says Dr. Gordon. He also wants to make sure that every student has a fair chance because sometimes, all don’t get enough attention. In his job Dr. Gordon works with lots of people, including the Director of Special Services, to support people with disabilities. “It is important for everyone to have a good chance of success,” says Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon got to know a lot of the students at his other schools. In Port Washington, he enjoys going to school sporting events, winter and spring concerts, and meetings. He thinks we have great potential here. He also thinks the restaurants in town are great!

Dr. Gordon was nice enough to answer some personal questions for us, too. Here is what he answered, “I don’t live in Port Washington, although I would like to. Presently I live in North Caldwell, New Jersey.” I was born July 23, 1946. I am married and have a wife named Karen.” He and Karen have been married for 23 years. “My wife was an art teacher,” says Dr. Gordon. They have 2 children: his son, Brad, is 6 years old and in first grade; and his daughter is 12 year old Sarah, a sixth grader. His daughter is a very good figure skater. She is trained by someone who was in 5th place in the Winter Olympics. Brad is on a wrestling team. Dr. Gordon doesn’t see his children as much as he’d like to during the week. “Often, I get home at 11:00 pm!” says Dr. Gordon. Wow...THAT’S LATE! He usually has a very hectic schedule.

As a family, Dr. Gordon and his family do a lot together! They go to baseball games together, and every Friday night, Dr. Gordon goes home to have dinner with his family. He spends every weekend entirely with them.

Then, we asked Dr. Gordon if he had any siblings. “I have two brothers and one sister,” says Dr. Gordon. “My youngest brother was an F-14 pilot in the Navy. My sister is the fashion designer for The Today Show. My middle brother is an environmentalist,” adds Dr. Gordon.

Dr. Gordon was a very good and smart student. At Dr. Gordon’s 8th grade graduation, he played a clarinet solo. He also played 5 varsity sports. “When I was younger, I loved being outside of the school” says Dr. Gordon. “But also, I loved going to school!”

Its seems that Dr. Gordon has been very successful with everything in his life! We think we should all be thankful to Dr. Gordon for coming to Port Washington, we think he might be the best superintendent kids could ever get. Thank you and welcome, Dr. Gordon!

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