New Friends

by Yeon L., Matthew W., and Kevin

digital images by Midori E. and Rachel L.

web design by Ryohei O.

Ms. Abelson
Mr. Trottier
Ms. Tuman
Mrs. Valenti
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Katz

Mr. Stavrinos

Mrs. Drucker

Hi, Guggenheimers! If you haven’t noticed, we have lots of new teachers here! The new teachers this year are Ms. Abelson, Ms. Miller, Mr.Trottier, Ms.Tuman, Mr.Stravinos, Ms. Valenti, Mrs. Katz, and Mrs. Drucker.

As you know, Mr. Makover retired last year as one of our physical education teachers, but we have a new, great teacher to take his place. Mrs. Miller is here and she loves it! She worked at Manorhaven for 3 months last year, and this is her first year as a teacher. Mrs. Miller says she feels very happy and welcomed at Guggenheim. (Now we have two teachers whose last names are Miller- one who teaches fifth grade and one who teaches physical education!)

Ms. Abelson is one of the new 1st grade teachers here at Guggenheim. She has been teaching for about 7 years. She taught for 6 years inNew York City and half a year upstate. She says she feels very welcomed and comfortable here at Guggenheim. Ms. Abelson says she loves teaching 1st grade because she can see everyone grow up and have fun!

The next teacher is Mrs. Katz. Mrs. Katz has been teaching for three years in Merrick in the sixth grade. Her favorite subject is reading. Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing kids learn. On a scale of one to ten, she rated Guggenheim a ten!

Mr. Stavrinos is new to Guggenheim this year. He first worked as a teacher at P.S. 11. He works hard and likes it. He hopes for the children in his class to work hard and says, "I really enjoy working with kids." He plans on still working here next year. We're glad!

Mr. Trottier is the new 2nd grade teacher in Guggenheim. It is his first year teaching. He says he loves it here and feels very welcomed. He says there are very kind people here and everybody is very friendly.

There is another new teacher named Ms. Tuman. She likes it here at Guggenheim School especially because the teachers and kids are very nice. She first worked in Corona at Public School 16. She hopes to work here next year and she thinks the kids like her. The next teacher is Mrs. Drucker. She says she is happy to be back! Why wasn`t she here last year? Because she had a baby named Abby! Also, Mr. Grennan was out at the end of last year and the beginning of last year for her new baby, Kendall!

Mrs. Valenti said, “I love it here at Guggenheim!” She says she wanted to be a teacher even when she was a kid. She doesn't have a hard time with the kids, but she says sometimes they’re silly. She also says they like her very much. She used to teach in New York City.

These new teachers are great- if you have one of these teachers you are very lucky!


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