by Jessica Y. and Nick C.

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What do you like to eat for lunch at Guggenheim? These editors went from class to class doing a poll for the top 5 lunches bought in the cafeteria.

The choices were pizza, pasta, tacos, bagels, sandwich, salad, and other. The “other” category is for bringers or for people that don’t like what was in the survey.

In first place came “other” with a whopping 73 votes! In second place was pizza with 43 votes. In third place was tacos. In fourth place was pasta. And in fifth place were bagels with only 11 votes.

Well, you heard it - those are the top 5 lunches at Guggenheim, according to the students. If you enjoyed our poll, we will do it again with a different category. Thank you for voting in our poll!

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