The Garden is Landing At Guggenheim

By Maria M.

Graphic by Ali S.

Web Design by Lauren E.

Some things were changing outside over the summer at our school, and one thing is that now we have a Readers’ Garden! Ms. Fealy is creating it. Also, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Sficos are working on the Garden Club.

The Readers’ Garden is located on the lawn in front of the teachers’ parking. In honor of the new garden, on October 24th, everyone was brought to the Readers’ Garden and all turned over a bit of soil. This effort was so that every child in the school contributed in the Garden. The space in the garden is 32 feet by 32 feet, which is a large space. We needed about 40 dwarf boxwood plants to form the border of the Garden. Some kids think that the Readers’ Garden looks like a pig pen, but they are wrong. Wait until the Garden has plants all over and everyone can gaze at the amazing plants!

We talked to Ms. Fealy about her Readers’ Garden. “The Readers’ Garden is for our community, so everyone can read and enjoy the outdoors,” says Ms. Fealy. We didn’t know how kids felt about this addition, so this reporter interviewed children about their opinion. “I think the Readers’ Garden is sort of cool,” says Rebecca C. She adds, “I can’t wait until I read in the garden! It will be so exciting!"

We also asked Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Sficos about their club, the Garden Club. “The Garden Club will be held every Tuesday in Room 20,” says Mr. Sficos. “Since there are so many kids, we are going to set up two gardens,” Mr. Sficos adds. Mrs. Johnson says, “I love to clean out the pond. This year we will make a trail in the woods. The best part about the club this year, to me, is getting to see animals. We are going to learn how to use a compass AND we will be using binoculars to watch for birds,” Mrs. Johnson adds. One more thing, she adds: “I’ve been working in the Garden Club for 4 years, from 1998-2002.” That’s pretty long!

We were also interested in children’s opinions about the Garden Club. “I am excited about the Garden Club! I hope we’re planting flowers and other plants,” says Mai E. Midori E. says, “During the year, we are going to plant 200 bulbs. For Halloween, we redesigned the front of the school. We needed to get pumpkins. Last year, we made a nature walk and I am looking forward to the Garden Club again this year!”

In this reporter’s opinion, both the Readers’ Garden and the Garden Club add a lot to the school. The Readers’ Garden is a great addition to the school. It’s an opportunity to have a great time reading and staying outside. Everyone will love the Garden. If you want to read peacefully, you can go there. You will be able to look at the flowers and read! You can enjoy the outdoors, AND you can do something fun- reading. Both the Readers’ Garden and the Garden Club add a lot of beauty to school. Every one, HAVE FUN!

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