Where Are They?

by Alyssa K.

web design by Jai S.

digital images by Melissa S. & Jackie F.

Mrs. Tiberia's new computer lab before final setup!

Mrs. Schneider in her new modular classroom.

A lot of things have changed in Guggenheim since last spring. Mrs. Schneider changed her room since the last year we were here. We interviewed some of the teachers with new rooms. First we interviewed Mrs. Schneider. She said, “My new classroom is better because now Mrs. Schneider and her class are back INSIDE the building.” She said, “Last year the kids had to put their coats on to go to the bathroom if it was cold or rainy.’’ She also said, "My new classroom feels larger then the portable, but I’m not positive it is.’’

Mrs. Betsch is next to Mrs. Castillo who also moved. Mrs. Castillo says, "I love my new room a lot." When I asked Mrs. Betsch if she loved her new classroom she said, "definitely!"

Mr. Martin also changed his grade and classroom. Now he is in the hallway with all of the other third graders. He is in Mrs. Betsch's old room at the end of the hallway. He said, in smiles, ’’I love my new classroom.’’ Mrs. Wresch is in Mr. Martin's old room now. Last year she taught us in the cafeteria from the back few benches. She said of her new room this year, ’’it is home day and night to me.’’

Mrs. Rafferty said she loves the fact that her room is bigger because now she does not have all the strings lessons in her room. The strings are in her old room. Mrs. Rafferty loves her new room!

This is important because now we have a better school! Now everyone likes their classroom and offices!

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