Where Do I Sit?

By Alexa F. and Yeon L.

web design by Boris F.

graphic design Eunice K.


 How do you behave on the bus? It must be that lots of people don’t behave properly on the bus because people have complaints all the time! There have been a lot of problems on the bus. Kids have been fighting about where to sit on the bus and starting to use violence! Ms. Creash says she thinks the children are doing very well on the bus in the afternoon but they should do the same in the morning. Ms. Creash has also said only two children should go in each bus seat.

We also asked Ms. Creash if everyone followed the bus rules, and she said, “Most children are listening but some are not.” We asked Ms. Creash if everyone should have a right to sit anywhere they want and she said, “No, the little children get pushed around and the fifth graders should sit in the back because they are oldest.” We asked her if she was happy about the bus seating and she said, “Yes, when it works.” She says the rules are: 1) Stay in your seat, 2) Kindergarten has to sit in front, 3) Fifth graders sit in the back, and 4) Nobody bothers others on the bus. We hope you listen to the rules and be safe on the bus!

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