Look Up There

by Sam R.

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This is a new addition to this newspaper! This article is going to fill your pockets with tons of really cool information. At night time, when the stars are out, the sky becomes a huge painting. You can find dogs, cats, bears, people, heroes, and lots of other stuff. There are over 50 constellations in the sky and we don’t even know a third of them! Even on the clearest night, you can’t see over 2,500 stars at a time with the naked eye. Orion is a very cool constellation. Orion has more bright stars than any other constellation. The two brightest stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel, are 40 times as large as the sun and 16,000 times as bright.

A light year is not a "year" but a “distance.” Because all stars are millions of miles away, we always measure their distances in light years. One star is so near that we don’t have to use light years. It’s only 93 million miles away, and its light reaches us in 8 minutes. You know that star. It’s the sun. The sun is a ball of fiery gas 865,000 miles across and very very hot. It’s 11,000 degrees at the surface and a million degrees in the core. A million Earths wouldn’t quite fill the sun.

If you would like to learn more about astronomy, go to this site. This website has interesting information for people who like astronomy.I hope you like this article!


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