“Guggi-licious” Construction!

by Molly R. and Leah N.

web design by Sahil D.

digital image by Samantha G.


Get your hard hat and tools- we are going to see the construction site! Recently the building has had some construction and much more to come. Ms. Creash says that the construction “started in July and will hopefully end soon.” Teachers have been moved to the new classrooms and others have moved to classrooms that were not part of construction.

Mrs. Tiberia has a big new computer lab where Mr. Conti's room used to be. There's lots of room to work on the computers and also at the tables that are in the middle of the room. We also have all new computers in the lab. Yay!

There has been a extension to the green hallway and the speech and reading teachers got bigger rooms and two new staff bathrooms. Mrs. Ajello and Dr. Eron also have new rooms. Ms. Creash says that remodeling the school was a decision made by the community that thought we needed more room. The biggest change in the school is that “now our school has four more rooms” says Ms. Creash. In these new classrooms are Ms. Tuman, Mrs. Drucker, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. Nadler, and Mrs. Geraghty.

Like Ms. Creash said, “hopefully the construction will end soon.” It seems like all the students at Gugginheim like the new construction.


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