Serve The Food, Serve The Ball!
by Kathryn

The Volleyball & Spaghetti Dinner was on Friday, March 6, and was held in the cafeteria and the gym. The dinner has been going on for the past six years. Mr. Makover and the P.T.A. came up with the idea. It was created to have an activity where the kids watch the parents and teachers play in a game together. The Volleyball & Spaghetti Dinner has been a good fund raiser for the P.T.A.

The teams are chosen by Mr. Makover- he combines the teachers and the parents on the same teams. There is a limit as to how many people play- 30 parents and 15 teachers. The food is prepared by Colombo’s on Main Street. All the parents who sign up with the P.T.A. are allowed to play, and all of the teachers who sign up with Mr. Makover can play. Many kids come to watch and so do many parents. The dinner is good and the volleyball is, too. Mr. Makover’s goal is “to have fun!”


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