The Olympics

The Olympics are a big event because they only happen every two years. The Summer Olympics, we think, are better than the Winter Olympics. The sports in the summer are all more fun to watch. For instance, the Olympic sport of bobsledding is pretty boring to watch, because it goes fairly slow (80 mph). The Summer Olympic events are all more action-packed. For example, the track and field events all involve great skills. The diving is another event that is fun to watch because the athletes do really neat flips.

The Olympics gather the best athletes in the world. A lot of the athletes who don’t have a chance to win are just happy to be there, knowing they are among the best athletes of their sport in the world. That’s what the Olympic Oath is for. An Olympic Oath is a pledge about being a good sport that each athlete recites before the Olympics.

The next Summer Olympics, in the year 2000, should be very exciting. It’ll be in Sydney, Australia. We can’t wait to watch, as all the world will be watching!

Editorial Staff

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