Look Who’s Sleeping In School...
by Samantha

Mrs. Rueck’s first grade class had a pajama party on Friday, February 6, 1998. They brought in their stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and their favorite bedtime stories. They watched the cartoon movie Hercules and Zena Join Forces. They had pancakes in the shape of the first letter of their names. They drank orange juice and milk. They pretended that they were sleeping. Some of the parents came in. Michael’s stuffed animal’s name was Puffy and Vanessa had a stuffed animal who was a puppy. They also brushed their teeth. Some children in Mrs. Rueck’s class wore their pajamas on the bus. They all said that they had a lot of fun. If you want to hear what each individual child has to say about this big event go by Mrs. Rueck’s room (room 7) and in the corridor there are pictures and stories about the pajama party.


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