Mrs. Rosenwald, Star in the Making
by Marie


Everyone in the school is about to give Mrs. Rosenwald the glory she deserves. Here’s the scoop- one of her former students named Ayalla wrote a letter to a book called “Who’s Who Among American Teachers.” The letter was how Mrs. Rosenwald made a difference in her life. Mrs. Rosenwald was amazed, touched, and excited because Ayalla is now in a senior high school. Mrs. Rosenwald thought she might have forgotten about her.

This book is published once every year. So, it is a great honor to be selected as one of the teachers in it. The book gives the names and a summary on each teacher. It looks like a big dictionary. This book is sent to every school district in America. We are all happy for and proud of Mrs. Rosenwald. She really does shape our lives every day.



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